Aero Cables Is Now Part of
McFarlane Aviation Products!

Aero-Cable Corp designs and approvals are now owned and manufactured by McFarlane, allowing for expansion and improvement of this great product line!

For more details and to place an order go to the McFarlane website.

Inquire about cables Aero-Cables Corp. supplies for various applications


Aero-Cables Corp supplies unique pre-formed stainless steel aircraft cables for:

Each cabin door cable is hand-crafted with the highest quality standards.

Tested | Reliable, Fast Service | FBO discounts may apply.

Swaging services available at Aero-Cables Corp. Call us at 815-609-6600

Swaging services

Swaging is a forging process in which the dimensions of an item are altered using a die or dies, into which the item is forced. Rotary swaging process is usually a cold working process, used to reduce the diameter, produce a taper, or add point to a round workpiece. Read more...

Wire rope Services available at Aero-Cables Corp. Call us t 815-609-6600

Wire rope services

Wire Rope consists of several strands laid (or 'twisted') together like a helix. Each strand is likewise made of metal wires laid together like a helix. Initially wrought iron wires were used, but today steel is the main material used for wire ropes. Read more...

Markets served by Aero-Cables Corp. Call us at 815-609-6600

markets served

Aero-Cables Corp serves varity of industries like aircraft, computer, electronic products, vending machines to X-ray equipment...Read more...