Wire Rope Services

Wire rope consists of several strands laid (or 'twisted') together like a helix. Each strand is likewise made of metal wires laid together like a helix. Initially wrought iron wires were used, but today steel is the main material used for wire ropes.

Galvanized: Zinc coated carbon steel offers some corrosion resistance. It remains ductile over long periods of working. Usually higher break strengths than stainless steels. Tin over Zinc coated carbon steel is also available.

302/304 Stainless Steel: Also known as 18-8 (18% chrome and 8% nickel nominal) This alloy is the most common of stainless steel alloys providing good corrosion resistance and strength comparable to galvanized carbon steel grades.

316 Stainless Steel: Extra corrosion resistant. Used in high corrosive atmospheres such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean where salt spray is highly potent. Approximately 10% less strength than 302 Stainless Steel.

305 Stainless Steel: Slightly more corrosive resistant than 302. This alloy is largely non-magnetic, perfectly suited for applications in aeronautical and naval fields.

For Straight load applications, in smaller diameters used as fishing leaders and line. In larger diameters it's used for guy wire ans messenger strand applications. Used when flexibility and fatigue are concerns. Aircraft controls, running rigging on sailboats, exercise equipment, winches and garage doors are all common applications
1 x19 Strand Non Flexible 1 X 19 STRAND NON FLEXIBLE 19 x 7 Cable Non Rotating 19 X 7 CABLE NON ROTATING VERY FLEXIBLE
Widely used as a standard rigging on sail boats. It is also well suited for push-pull, and guying applications. Used when a single line hoisting operation is necessary. Standard equipment on helicopter rescue winch applications.
7 x 7 Aircraft cable 7 X 7 AIRCRAFT CABLE MODERATELY FLEXIBLE 6 x 19 class Wire Rope 6 X 19 CLASS WIRE ROPE 6 x 36 Class Wire Rope 6 x 36 CLASS WIRE ROPE
For use where extreme flexibility is not necessary. Commonly used in aircraft and automotive controls, it performs highly in a wide range of mechanical applications. True working wire ropes. These constructions are used extensively in heavy duty hoisting cranes. Also used in shovels, dredges, skidders, excavators, logging and oil field applications.